Friday, 8 August 2014

How to wear your hair while exercising

This was the topic that actually encouraged me to start my blog. I couldn't find any good hairstyles that would work with my long hair (thanks Mr Google), and especially when I was getting sick of my hair flicking in my face! I still haven't had much success in finding different styles to try, but the ones below are what I use often. If you know or use a different style that you think will work with my hair, please leave me a comment so I can try it out!

Simple pony
This style works really well, and is my go-to when I'm in a hurry out the door. I can wear this hair style all day and then go for a run without having to worry about restyling my hair. The only downside with this style is that often my hair flicks in my eyes and mouth and that can be annoying! Also, I find my hair sticks to the back of my neck in warmer weather and that seriously bugs me.

Pony with plait
I'm using this style more and more. It means less whips to the face and looks quite 'athletic' I think! I can quickly put my hair into this style,  as I often have my hair in just a simple pony. I'm a stay at home mum with two young children, so I need to put my hair up everyday. I can quickly transfer my hair from a simple pony to a pony with plait in less than a minute.

Messy bun
When done right and tight, this can be a great style when it gets hot or when you're wanting to do something different. This can be quite hard to do with my long hair, but all I need is an extra hair tie and I'm good to go! I like that this style looks great and is practical. And it keeps my hair off my face and neck. Gold!!

If you know or use any other hairstyles, it'll be awesome if you could share them with me.  Then I can do an updated blog about my favourite hairstyles to wear while exercising,  instead of posting the only three styles I know! 


  1. I couldn't often get my hair to stay in a bun when running, but my hair is quite fine and slips easily. I used to put it in a pony tail, and put extra hair ties down the length to stop it flying around everywhere. Quicker than a braid :)

  2. My strategy, for the gym or my dance class is always a high bun on my head. A normal pony flicks in my eyes which isn't pleasant!