Monday, 11 August 2014

Fitting in exercise while on holiday

I recently went away on holiday to Rotorua, and it made me think of covering this topic in my blog. We only stayed two nights, so I never packed my running gear. But we often go away for 5-7 days and that's when I'd like to continue my training. Below are some ideas that I use to maintain my fitness when I'm on holiday.
Taking your gear
This is the first thing to pack in your bag if you're wanting to still run or exercise while you're on holiday. Make sure you take a couple of full outfits and your shoes and socks. I pack with me two tops, 3/4 shorts, shorts, bra ×2 and two pairs of socks. This, of course,  depends whether you have access to a washing machine and how many days you plan on exercising. For me, I train 2-3 days a week, so for a 5-7 day holiday, I'll only plan to exercise twice. I also make sure I pack some comfortable clothes and shoes incase I plan on walking most days. I'll go into more detail about this later.
Using a gym if one's available
This can be a bonus if you stay in a hotel or motel with a gym so that using their facilities will not cost you extra. Or otherwise, you can see if there's a local gym you can use as a casual. A gym will be great if the weather is stopping you from exercising outside or if you're wanting to use specific weight or cardio machines. The gym is also a great place to talk to locals about trails or walkways and other places that you could explore. I generally go on holiday in summer, so haven't had the need to use the gym. I did once go to a step class with a friend at the gym and I absolutely loved it!
Explore local trails or walkways
Finding walkways or trails is a great way to see local views and places. It is also great if you're needing to run on different surfaces. We generally holiday near the beach in summer, so I love nothing more than running along the beach. I grew up by a beach but now live in a small rural town, so I miss the beach so much! I particularly love running along the beach and then diving in for a swim to cool off. Local trails are also great for an adventure, to explore new places. It certainly makes it easier to get up and exercise when your exploring new ground!
Walk everywhere
If your staying somewhere that's central and easily accessible by walking, this is a great option to sneak in some extra exercise. Walk to the shops, walk to local attractions, walk to the restaurant. It all adds up over the day/week. We always stay in a motel central to Rotorua township so that we are able to walk everywhere. And also when we holiday at the beach, we have a great routine of walking and exploring for a couple of hours every morning.
Creating your own circuit
If you have limited space or time, a quick circuit will ensure you fit some exercise into your schedule. Taking a skipping rope will be great to fit some quick cardio into the start or end of your day. Heading to a local playground can provide you with plenty of options to do your circuit. My circuits combine easy to do exercises that generally need no equipment. Exercises like squats, lunges, step ups (find some steps or a seat), tricep dips (use a park bench or seat), push ups, crunches and planks can be easily done anywhere (at a park or in your motel room).
What exercises do you do when your on holiday? How do you make sure you exercise while on holiday?
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  1. I love to explore local trails when on holiday! We went to a wedding near Katikati one weekend in March and I made sure we ran from Waihi Beach to beautiful Orokawa Bay, and at Christmas time in Queenstown we ran around to Sunshine Bay while the sun rose over the Remarkables - both runs were as awesome as they sound!
    Also, I have a running checklist for races/travel - so I don't forget things like my running bra!
    Hope your training is going well!

    1. Thanks for your comment Sherry :-) those runs do sound magical!