Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Taking a break

I've been putting off this post for a little while now.  Lately, I've been struggling to be consistent with my blog posts. When I started the blog, my aim was to post something once a week, leading up to two posts per week. I've found posting just once a week a lot of work. It's actually felt like a chore. I have two young children to look after along with heaps of other commitments, so I'm really struggling to find the time to post content on my blog regularly.

So I've decided to stop blogging, for now. I'm hoping once the kids are older I'll have more time to really put 100% of myself into writing good quality content for you.
I'll continue to be active on my social media accounts, as I love posting pictures and sharing stuff with my readers.

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This is not a goodbye, just a break for me to get my head around things until I can sit down and write things that I'm truly proud of.

See you around :-)

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