Saturday, 28 June 2014

Hello, welcome to my Blog!

Hey everyone, I'm Kerri and I live in Ngatea with my partner and two young children. I decided to start this Blog to help motivate me to become consistent in my training.

I've grown up doing a lot of sports, including competing in track up to the age of 13 (I preferred the shorter distances of 100 and 200m). I also studied sport and leisure at university, so I have a real passion for fitness, in particular, running. Though this hasn't always been the case. Up until 6 months ago, running to me was something I did to help my fitness with my other sports. It was an extra I did because I felt I had to.

In May 2010, I entered my first race at the Rotorua marathon, competing in the 5km distance. I hadn't done a lot of training, but thought it would be a bit of fun. I got hooked. I entered another 5km in September 2010 after some time spent training. My time was 36 minutes. I was knackered but I had a huge smile on my face. But all this got put on the backburner when I got pregnant. I had my first child in July 2011 and soon after I was back running, but was inconsistent. I also played netball in the winter so felt I got too busy to enter any races. Time flew, and I had my second child in August 2013. This time I was very determined to lose some of the weight I'd gained, and knew running was the way to go. Three months after having my daughter, I went off on my first run. I loved it, and remembered the awesome feeling running gives you. I found it hard to ease back in to it, I wanted to be fast again. I knew I had to commit to running, so decided to not play netball this season and focus all my time (the small amount I have spare) on running instead. In February this year, I sat down and set some monthly goals. They were:

February- run 2-3 times per week
March- long runs 4km
April- run 3-4 times per week
May- timed 5km runs
June- 5km without stopping
July- timed 6km runs
August- 6km without stopping
September- 5km race

So, there. My goals are out there. Now I've got to stick to them!


  1. Goals are good to have - they motivate you and keep you moving forward. Having never been a runner myself and starting from zero fitness a little over four years ago, I am now training for my first marathon. My goal was to complete a marathon by the time I'm 36, and this one will be on the day of my 35th birthday. I'm pretty happy about that, and hope I can complete it! Keep at it, you'll get there :) Best of luck!

    1. Awesome, sounds like you're doing really well! Good luck for your first marathon, certainly something I'd like to aim for one day. And what a great way to spend a birthday, couldn't think of anything better. Thanks for your comment :-)